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Zentai & Encased

Model: 1209
The muscular men, bulging in their white ballet tights, need a good stretch session. They start to get horny as they relax and those tights show everything. The guys take turn fucking each other through holes ripped in the asses of their tights...
Model: 1106
Big Pete fucks us both. He is the spandex covered villain and we are his spandex bitches..
Model: 1228
In his shiny spandex suit, Stephen returns from the gym and gets out his cock pump. Phil rides his engorged cock then turns the tables and fucks Stephen until they juice in unison...
Model: 1206
Two cyclists in full spandex outfits meet on the road. They admire each others bodies and outfits. They touch, they rub, they get wet. They fuck and they cream each others spandex suits...
Model: 1239
Dr Spandex builds a FULLY functional spandex sex robot..
Model: 1153
Stephen head's down to the basement for a spandex clad jerk off. He stumbles upon the building's electrician, who on seeing Stephen's big hard cock gets to work on sucking him. The man likes to take raw cock and gets rammed in lots of positions before drinking every drop of Stephen's load...
Model: 1233
What is it like to be fully encased in spandex all day? Stephen starts his day with pumping his cock then encases himself in full zenati spandex. Watch him go about his day in spandex then see him ride a dildo and jerk off by the pool in this exploration of the love of zentai...
Model: 1208
The Titans of the spandex world collide. The Lord of Lycra is quick to submit to the King of Spandex and receives many forms of anal from the King, so there is no doubt who rules the Spandex Kingdom...
Model: 1242
Dr Spandex transforms his domestic drone in to a fully functioning sex drone. First with a big bulge, then a realistic penis attachment. The drone quickly takes to his role as Sex Drone and gives Dr Spandex a fantastic hard fucking...
Model: 1238
Bearded muscle man picks up a spandex covered gimp for enjoying later that evening. While he is out of the house, the spandex thief strikes. He breaks in and starts going through the man´s spandex collection, trying on gear and getting hard. Then his discovers the man´s spandex gimp and declares tha..
Model: 1237
A hooded muscle man in the basement covered in the shiniest imaginable. His master wants a spandex on spandex session which he gets. Cut to Skinfit spandex socks, thong back leotards and the biggest toys for a long hard spandex devoted fuck session...
Model: 1247
Superheroes are in peril from an unknown villain. As they disappear, Dr Spandex decides to transform one of his sex drones in to a powerful Superhero. Witness the metamorphosis and birth of his answer to the heroes in danger, Ultraman ウルトラシリーズ, who emerges hard and ready to fuck his way to..
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