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Model: 1214
Aquadad is hard and horny in his skintight outfit. He has a spandex clad fucktoy for when he needs to abuse and unload. ..
Model: 1209
The muscular men, bulging in their white ballet tights, need a good stretch session. They start to get horny as they relax and those tights show everything. The guys take turn fucking each other through holes ripped in the asses of their tights...
Model: 1210
Shiny tights and hard raw fucking. Foot worship and hard ass fucking.Bonus feature, in the basement hard in my ballet tights with Stephen..
Model: 1215
On the prowl in his super sex suit, King Spandex is outdoors looking for action. He hears someone having fun and gets in on the action. Soaking wet, our hero thong fucks a leotard covered muscle Daddy...
Model: 1208
The Titans of the spandex world collide. The Lord of Lycra is quick to submit to the King of Spandex and receives many forms of anal abuse from the King, so there is no doubt who rules the Spandex Kingdom...
Model: 1207
Is that a massive cock in that bulging torpedo thong? Looks good enough to take whole, just as well the guy taking it has been priming his ass with some massive toys...
Model: 1211
From thongs to hose and thongs, to full nudity, witness this exhibitionist jerk off multiple times ALL outdoors..
Model: 1216
In a busy cruising area, Spiderman dons his most see through suit and goes looking for cock. He wants to be fucked and his wish is granted...
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