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Model: 1245
Stephen's boy has a big fantasy, to be body shaved with his Daddy wearing thongs. The hot spandex clad barber shaves them down while they suck cock and fuck...
Model: 1246
Daddy is happiest when his boys share his thongs, their cocks and their asses...
Model: 1239
Dr Spandex builds a FULLY functional spandex sex robot..
Model: 1240
Titans meet, cocks bulge and cum explodes..
Model: 1242
Dr Spandex transforms his domestic drone in to a fully functioning sex drone. First with a big bulge, then a realistic penis attachment. The drone quickly takes to his role as Sex Drone and gives Dr Spandex a fantastic hard fucking...
Model: 1244
Ensnared by a hooded villain in black spandex, SuperDad is bound by GREEN Lycratite and is too weak to escape, even when the villain gags him to stop him calling for help. Bored by the weak hero, the Super Villain fits SuperDad with a mask infused with RED Lycratite to drive him in to a sexual frenz..
Model: 1247
Superheroes are in peril from an unknown villain. As they disappear, Dr Spandex decides to transform one of his sex drones in to a powerful Superhero. Witness the metamorphosis and birth of his answer to the heroes in danger, Ultraman ウルトラシリーズ, who emerges hard and ready to fuck his way to..
Model: 1249
Muscle Daddy prepares to seduce his Boss at his annual review. He tells YOU, his Boss, exactly what he wants from you. When he gets home from his meeting he has an amazing tale to tell...
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