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Model: 1228
In his shiny spandex suit, Stephen returns from the gym and gets out his cock pump. Phil rides his engorged cock then turns the tables and fucks Stephen until they juice in unison...
Model: 1222
When a hot delivery man drops off a parcel and asks if he can use the bathroom, he is more than surprised to find Phil riding a dildo in his wrestling singlet. The delivery guy whips out his huge thick cock and starts getting blown. Stephen finds them at it and they both take turns getting fucked by..
Model: 1233
What is it like to be fully encased in spandex all day? Stephen starts his day with pumping his cock then encases himself in full zenati spandex. Watch him go about his day in spandex then see him ride a dildo and jerk off by the pool in this exploration of the love of zentai...
Model: 1232
Mark Grayson aka INVINCIBLE doesn´t have his powers yet, but his impatient Dad Nolan aka OMNIMAN is trying to hurry it along. Mark´s superhero costume arrives and his Dad cannot wait to get him in it. Being a superhero like his Dad is all that Mark wants, so he let´s OMNIMAN show him the way to bein..
Model: 1236
Riding his massive dildo gets Phil wild, but not as wild as when Stephen arrives and pisses over his ass, dildo, body and in his mouth. This fully drenched piss fuck is soaked spandex heaven...
Model: 1234
A business meeting soon turns hot when these muscle men strip to their thongs and sheer socks. Thong fucking, wet business wear and lots of cum...
Model: 1230
Stephen takes to the streets at night in hot spandex tights and a bulge thong as well as a bag full of toys. Getting caught in the headlights of passing cars just excites him more. Then as he finds a place to ride a dildo behind a house, it´s owner sees what is going on and is surprisingly inviting...
Model: 1235
Wanna shoot your load in your tights without using your hands? In 3 different outfits and locations, watch Stephen grind his hard cock under different smooth shiny tights until he soaks each pair with a hot load...
Model: 1237
A hooded muscle man in the basement covered in the shiniest imaginable. His master wants a spandex on spandex session which he gets. Cut to Skinfit spandex socks, thong back leotards and the biggest toys for a long hard spandex devoted fuck session...
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