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Model: 1179
Cute blonde and muscled. The bricklayers cant resist a hard long thong session with this cutie. The well hung lad gives as hard as he takes. The sheer socks and sock garters make this 3 way a classic session...
Model: 1239
Dr Spandex builds a FULLY functional spandex sex robot..
Model: 1219
Can you take some photos for my Instagram Daddy? The photo shoot soon turns sexy as boy and Daddy start to talk about their love of spandex. Daddy Stephen asks his boy if he wants to be fucked by him and his husband. The hungry boy agrees and the boy is fucked hard by his hot muscle Daddies...
Model: 1191
Coming home to find your husband being fucked by his hung boy was a real treat. Being asked to join in and fuck them both was incredible...
Model: 1208
The Titans of the spandex world collide. The Lord of Lycra is quick to submit to the King of Spandex and receives many forms of anal from the King, so there is no doubt who rules the Spandex Kingdom...
Model: 1230
Stephen takes to the streets at night in hot spandex tights and a bulge thong as well as a bag full of toys. Getting caught in the headlights of passing cars just excites him more. Then as he finds a place to ride a dildo behind a house, it´s owner sees what is going on and is surprisingly inviting...
Model: 1217
Cruising, thongs, socks and garters. If you love it outdoor you´ll love this..
Model: 1218
Daddy and boy reunited for the first time since the boy became a man, and what a big sexy man he grew up to be.  They share many things including muscle, a love of spandex and thongs, and a wild sexual appetite. His boy John wastes no time getting thonged up and makes Phil hard by the pool with..
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