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Model: 1140
Our new landlord looks like a muscle bear and we have seen him in cycling spandex on occasion. One morning Stephen was filming himself jerk off in an N2N wrestling singlet when the landlord pops by in his cycling gear. After seeing Stephen's hard cock under the spandex he gives him a good go over. S..
Model: 1158PT1
Hot spandex and sock action when two husbands meet up while their wives are out. SKINS spandex leads to two hot 'straight' men getting it on...
Model: 1158PT2
The 'straight' guys take it to the XXX max with bareback fucking and dildo action with juicy cum shots from both players...
Model: 1079
Not content with overcoming The Flash, Nightwing humiliates him by tearing open the ass of his spandex suit, feeding his ass huge dildos while Flash wrestles with his restraints. Nightwing rips open a hole in the crotch of his opponents spandex and jerks him off savouring his Flash cum in his m..
Model: 1081
Nightwing sees Mr Fantastic walking up the street in his spandex suit. Seeing his semi erect cock he answers the door when Mr F comes looking for action. Watch them suck and rim through their spandex suits then fuck bare and shoot their hot cum over the mirror, ending with the super studs eating the..
Model: 1115
Bulging in his tight white shirt and grey slacks, Stephen gets to work on his swollen bulge. Stripping to a blue thong and pink socks he jerks off hard. After shooting a hot load over his own reflection he eats up every drop of his own hot juice...
Model: 1093
Following the competition we ran to come up with the hottest suggestion for a video here is a real treat. Filmed on a real pitch, see the boys get hot and hard as they play rugby. They strip to jockstraps and fuck hard on the pitch. Lots of oral action and hard fucking combined with two hot cum shot..
Model: 1099
Filmed on a gay nudist beach, and yes there were other guys watching...
Model: 1096
Stephen finds Phil getting hard in red bulge tights in a deserted old ruin. This gets him hard in his black SKINS tights. Watch them rub bulges and fuck hard before Stephen makes Phil spew a huge hot load through his bulge spandex tights...
Model: 1095
In this film, Phil shows us how much he loves to strip and jerk off outdoors. He brought along a 12” dildo with him which he stuffs deep in his ass before shooting a hot load in close up...
Model: 1171
When guys wear thongs and speedos to the pool it's gonna lead to locker room fucking right?..
Model: 1167
Wet spandex and very hard fucking in this really sexy scene..
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