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Model: 1092
Yes we have a lot of spandex. So here are 10 different outfits which give Stephen a rock hard boner he can't help jerking and slapping. Phil's hands get in for some action. The best spandex on a true exhibitionist...
Model: 1157
4 different scenes make up this cum fest. Stephen loves his different spandex outfits and in each of the 4 scenes he shows of something different, not just the outfits either. There is cum drinking, cum spurting and hot dildo action...
Model: 1125
45 minutes of hot XXX spandex action.  Outdoor scenes with the guys in bulging spandex tights, fucking and multiple cum scenes...
Model: 1160
Some awesome solo action for fans of spandex tights, dildos and cum shots...
Model: 1048
Although this was filmed for a customer, we were having so much fun with each other we completely forgot about the camera. A very intimate look at our sex life that starts with suits and thongs and ends us in some very passionate fucking...
Model: 1071
Ever wondered who would top who? These spandex covered superheroes answer this quickly. Hot oral and fucking action with both superheroes shooting big loads in their super spandex...
Model: 1163
A deserted Greek beach, a muscled guy in a jock is looking for action. He finds a hot hole to fill...
Model: 1106
Big Pete fucks us both. He is the spandex covered villain and we are his spandex bitches..
Model: 1082
Love to worship bulges? So do we. In this film we wear a variety of bulge thongs and fuck like crazy. Phil takes Stephen's spandex covered bulge up his ass after lots of mouth on bulge/ bulge on bulge action. Watch Phil cum as he is getting fucked and see Stephen cum in to his spandex bulge thong. 6..
Model: 1091
Did we say solo? Well it starts that way. In hot bulge tights and a bulge thong Stephen is found on the bed rubbing his bulge and getting his cock hard. The hot cameraman quickly gets his hands in and even ends up sucking on Stephen's cock. Watch him strip to his thong and jerk off for you guys. He ..
Model: 1129
Bulge thongs, Rufskin tights, a fleshjack, this video has so many kinks! Stephen get back from the gym and his cock is rock hard. He strips from his kit to reveal the sexiest tights and a bulge thong filled with his throbbing cock. After lots of nipple play and sneaker fucking he gets out the toys...
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