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Model: 1205
Horny boss of the spandex mafia arrives home, bulging in his pink muscleskins torpedo thong. He treats us to an amazing thong jerk off with some great toys and sock action, ending with the boss eating his own load...
Model: 1235
Wanna shoot your load in your tights without using your hands? In 3 different outfits and locations, watch Stephen grind his hard cock under different smooth shiny tights until he soaks each pair with a hot load...
Model: 1216
In a busy cruising area, Spiderman dons his most see through suit and goes looking for cock. He wants to be fucked and his wish is granted...
Model: 1217
Cruising, thongs, socks and garters. If you love it outdoor you´ll love this..
Model: 1177
We rented an airbnb apartment to film some wild sex in. Lucky for us the host was a very hot man that wanted to join in the action...
Model: 1197
Ever had a guy living next door that you wanna fuck? Stephen shows you how to do just that..
Model: 1142
This summer we returned to fuck for an audience of guys but this time we did it in thongs. Stephen is bulging in his silver N2N thong and finds Phil in a pink Joe Snyder thong ready for a hot fucking. The thongs stay on for the entire session and both guys shoot juicy loads for the camera and the au..
Model: 1194
This epic XXX movie sees the guys from bricklayer at their best. Cycling suits, thong fucking and wild intimate XXX action..
Model: 1196
When you learn how to squat from your spandex clad PT, the best way to show your form (and turn him on) is to strip to a thong. So when you get hard at the thrill of it he just has to taste your bulge and then your cock up his spandex covered ass...
Model: 1220
Do you like a verbal Daddy showing off for you and telling you what to do? Feel Stephen dominate you as he struts his spandex covered body, reveals his muscled thong ass, sucks and rides his favourite dildo, fucks a fleshjack then cums in your face...
Model: 1225
See a naked muscle man transform in to a zenati sex beast. Watch him workout and play with his flesh jack. The guy is hard 100% of the time in his fantastic zentai suit...
Model: 1212
Full zentai suit workout leads to hot zentai outdoor sex..
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