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Model: 1207
Is that a massive cock in that bulging torpedo thong? Looks good enough to take whole, just as well the guy taking it has been priming his ass with some massive toys...
Model: 1126
This outdoor muscle man gets a boner doing his work BUT he has a secret weapon! He keeps a spandex clad muscle man upstairs for when he needs to fuck. He shows us what a dirty dominant master he can be as he makes his slave beg for a rough hard and raw fuck. Using wrist and ankle restraints, our lum..
Model: 1229
After getting an emergency call about a leaking boiler, Stephen gets his white spandex soaked while trying to fix it. Waiting for Phil to arrive with parts, he stands in the sun but the wet spandex on his cock makes him horny. When Phil arrives their tights are ripped open so they can fuck like craz..
Model: 1223
The Daddy of superheroes is as horny as he is arrogant. While out showing off his his spandex clad body he finds himself a victim to use and abuse for his bareback pleasure...
Model: 1201
Featuring 10 inch hung Joe Gillis, this is the ultimate spandex cruising fantasy. Outdoor raw hard fucking in the tightest spandex. ..
Model: 1236
Riding his massive dildo gets Phil wild, but not as wild as when Stephen arrives and pisses over his ass, dildo, body and in his mouth. This fully drenched piss fuck is soaked spandex heaven...
Model: 1234
A business meeting soon turns hot when these muscle men strip to their thongs and sheer socks. Thong fucking, wet business wear and lots of cum...
Model: 1230
Stephen takes to the streets at night in hot spandex tights and a bulge thong as well as a bag full of toys. Getting caught in the headlights of passing cars just excites him more. Then as he finds a place to ride a dildo behind a house, it´s owner sees what is going on and is surprisingly inviting...
Model: 1211
From thongs to hose and thongs, to full nudity, witness this exhibitionist jerk off multiple times ALL outdoors..
Model: 1192
Oscar Wood, the hot Polish boy with the MASSIVE COCK really gets off on public outdoor sex. Watch him get fucked in the park in full view..
Model: 1231
Excited at the arrival of his son´s new superhero suit, Omniman aka Nolan Grayson is very aroused by the spandex covered courier, who is clearly very impressed when he sees who his delivery is for. Omniman´s supercock gets the couriers attention and the hero doesn´t miss the chance to fuck some span..
Model: 1183
A beautiful nudist beach, a hung hunk in Tendenze tights meet a muscle man in a muscleskins thong. The action is hot hard and wet...
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