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Model: 1181
Stephen and Phil pay their boy a visit to deliver him some new spandex. The action is immediate with nearly an hour of hardcore XXX spandex fucking action. Caleb loves to double fuck with his Daddy Stephen so after lots of fun the split Phil's ass wide open with a double pounding. Hot raw and hardco..
Model: 1209
The muscular men, bulging in their white ballet tights, need a good stretch session. They start to get horny as they relax and those tights show everything. The guys take turn fucking each other through holes ripped in the asses of their tights...
Model: 1195
The ultimate bottom is banged, stretched and loaded in this spandex filled XXX fuckfest..
Model: 1471
When I found out my step-nephew was a porn actor I asked him over so we could discuss it? He had other plans and asked me , can we make a porno? The boy is hung and hot, what could I say but FUCK YEH, come and sit on my hard cock...
Model: 1228
In his shiny spandex suit, Stephen returns from the gym and gets out his cock pump. Phil rides his engorged cock then turns the tables and fucks Stephen until they juice in unison...
Model: 1246
Daddy is happiest when his boys share his thongs, their cocks and their asses...
Model: 1153
Stephen head's down to the basement for a spandex clad jerk off. He stumbles upon the building's electrician, who on seeing Stephen's big hard cock gets to work on sucking him. The man likes to take raw cock and gets rammed in lots of positions before drinking every drop of Stephen's load...
Model: 1100
A real pitch and real XXX fucking action on it. Quality bareback action from the lads that should have been practising football in their spandex but just had to fuck...
Model: 1210
Shiny tights and hard raw fucking. Foot worship and hard ass fucking.Bonus feature, in the basement hard in my ballet tights with Stephen..
Model: 1145
Big Pete has always been my favourite Uncle type. Muscled and always ready to fuck hard. Occasionally he still visits and demands my hole. This time he tops me and my husband...
Model: 1219
Can you take some photos for my Instagram Daddy? The photo shoot soon turns sexy as boy and Daddy start to talk about their love of spandex. Daddy Stephen asks his boy if he wants to be fucked by him and his husband. The hungry boy agrees and the boy is fucked hard by his hot muscle Daddies...
Model: 1191
Coming home to find your husband being fucked by his hung boy was a real treat. Being asked to join in and fuck them both was incredible...
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