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Model: 1214
Aquadad is hard and horny in his skintight outfit. He has a spandex clad fucktoy for when he needs to abuse and unload. ..
Model: 1227
Batman comes home exhausted and horny after fighting crime with his muscle boy Robin. Robin is horny too after all that action. He follows Batman home and entices him to unwind with his big cock sticking out of his superhero suit...
Model: 1232
Mark Grayson aka INVINCIBLE doesn´t have his powers yet, but his impatient Dad Nolan aka OMNIMAN is trying to hurry it along. Mark´s superhero costume arrives and his Dad cannot wait to get him in it. Being a superhero like his Dad is all that Mark wants, so he let´s OMNIMAN show him the way to bein..
Model: 1215
On the prowl in his super sex suit, King Spandex is outdoors looking for action. He hears someone having fun and gets in on the action. Soaking wet, our hero thong fucks a leotard covered muscle Daddy...
Model: 1208
The Titans of the spandex world collide. The Lord of Lycra is quick to submit to the King of Spandex and receives many forms of anal abuse from the King, so there is no doubt who rules the Spandex Kingdom...
Model: 1223
The Daddy of superheroes is as horny as he is arrogant. While out showing off his his spandex clad body he finds himself a victim to use and abuse for his bareback pleasure...
Model: 1231
Excited at the arrival of his son´s new superhero suit, Omniman aka Nolan Grayson is very aroused by the spandex covered courier, who is clearly very impressed when he sees who his delivery is for. Omniman´s supercock gets the couriers attention and the hero doesn´t miss the chance to fuck some span..
Model: 1216
In a busy cruising area, Spiderman dons his most see through suit and goes looking for cock. He wants to be fucked and his wish is granted...
Model: 1224
The new sex hook up app SUPE´R has launched. Made for superheroes who want to find like minded heroes for hard spandex sex. Superman downloads the app and is quickly on the hunt for an ass that can take his super load. So many choices for our muscular horny hero. He finds an distant relative from Kr..
Model: 1108
Wanna see superheroes in XXX action? Check out the sexiest spandex muscled heroes fucking and cumming...
Model: 1221
The muscled titans capture Spiderman and rip open his suit to find a giant juicy cock and a hungry hole. Bound, dildo fucked, extension fucked and actually fucked, Spiderman turns out to be a very hungry, hung and horny bottom...
Model: 1106
Uncle Pete fucks us both. He is the spandex covered villain and we are his spandex bitches..
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