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Model: 1198
Model: 1204
Boss man ties up his slut and gives some CP, arousing the tied up, spandex clad muscle bitch. Then, tied to a chair the muscle bitch gets humiliated more with gunge, flour, cream and chocolate sauce...
Model: 1168
This cocky spandex clad gym muscle man is posing is at the gym and making love to the mirrors. His PT captires him, ties him up, edges and rides his cock without removing any of the hot spandex. He juices the guy then shoots a hot load on his chest and face...
Model: 1164PT2
The action turns to bulge thongs and outdoor fucking with huge cum shots and penetration with thongs still on...
Model: 1186
Cruising in the park in spandex leads to some seriously hot 3way action...
Model: 1206
Two cyclists in full spandex outfits meet on the road. They admire each others bodies and outfits. They touch, they rub, they get wet. They fuck and they cream each others spandex suits...
Model: 1233
What is it like to be fully encased in spandex all day? Stephen starts his day with pumping his cock then encases himself in full zenati spandex. Watch him go about his day in spandex then see him ride a dildo and jerk off by the pool in this exploration of the love of zentai...
Model: 1219
Can you take some photos for my Instagram Dad? The photo shoot soon turns sexy as the Son and the Dad start to talk about their love of spandex and their taboo attraction to each other gets sexual. Daddy Stephen asks his Son if he wants to be fucked by his Dad AND his Stepdad. The hungry Son agrees ..
Model: 1218
Father and Son reunited for the first time since the boy became a man, and what a big sexy man he grew up to be. Stephen can´t believe what a spandex clad stud he produced. They share many things including muscle, a love of spandex and thongs, and a wild sexual appetite. His Son John wastes no time ..
Model: 1162
What do you do when you see a hiker in a thong with a big hard-on? Follow him and take his load up your ass. Filmed on a Greek island, this video is so sexy it's impossible to explain...
Model: 1143
Like it wet? So do we. See the boys fully covered in spandex taking a hot Jacuzzi. The fucking is hard and the action is awesome. Spandex lovers you will really get off on this one. Great outfits and hot cum shots...
Model: 1207
Is that a massive cock in that bulging torpedo thong? Looks good enough to take whole, just as well the guy taking it has been priming his ass with some massive toys...
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