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It started as a hook up in the winter of 2010….

The way Stephen tells it, he just went around for coffee, but who goes for coffee with a freshly douched ass just in case?

When we first met up, when Stephen was a bottom and Phil fucked him 5 times on their first night, it was a very heated sexual meeting. Looking back, the first night kept on going for months.

It didn’t take very long for Stephen to introduce spandex into their sex play, after all it has been his life long fetish. Since about the age of 7 he has had a fascination for the stuff. Always an exhibitionist, this was the perfect fetish for a man turned on by big bulges and showing off. Before Phil, he explored his fetish for tights and thongs on the internet or occasionally with a like minded hook up, but never really shared this spandex obsession.

Phil, at the time, was more of a leather Daddy but was very willing to try spandex and when he saw that it got him even more sex, well then his love for it was truly born. It was perfect for his muscular physique and when they started going to the gym together, Stephen provided the spandex. We both loved the attention our bulges and bodies received and were quickly dubbed ‘the lycra guys’, a name we always lived up to.

We started having wild spandex sex weekends when we would invite guys over to play with us in gear. We started filming our sessions and we both really got off on seeing ourselves fucking in spandex. In a short time we had so much spandex XXX footage that we decided we would launch a spandex dedicated XXX website, something that has always been in short supply for guys like you, and us.

Our fetish is our life. We always wear it, to the gym or casually. None of our clothing is anything but skin tight. Even in the middle of the hot Spanish summers, we can be found in stretchy spandex bulge thongs, if nothing else.

As for the name bricklayer1001, we aren’t bricklayers or builders. But what do you think of when you hear bricklayer? Spandex right!

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